I cannot gaze at the full moon forever

In all its wonder, circumstantial, arbitrary significance the last full moon of the decade made its first and final debut and at the same time I found you In all my dreaming, childish fantasies it dawned on me that with the endless battle against myself I cannot take hold of a transient moment I cannot … Continue reading I cannot gaze at the full moon forever

A reoccurring dream

Through the foliage I wander green, blue, golden sparkling colours my soul reflected in the trees standing tall and gentle, rustling in the wind so calm. And the rumbles of waterfalls drowning out the noisy rambles and stolen peace ever disturbed by the concrete walls of existence. I am not there. I am where your … Continue reading A reoccurring dream


Beneath a single amber light in a room as dark as her reality. With a vapid expression images flicker before her endlessly Words undulate wither, regrow and merge into a single blurred image. Reflected in her eyes a world before her that does not exist. Yet through wavering passages shattered windows and empty frames, a … Continue reading Absent